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Rurouni Kenshin Modern AU

↳ the scenery changes; the players stay the same

  • Sagara Sanosuke as an underground cage fighter
  • Himura Kenshin as a homeless ex-soldier
  • Makimachi Misao as a high schooler, information runner
  • Shinomori Aoshi as owner of the Aoiya, head spymaster
  • Myojin Yahiko as a orphaned middle schooler, Kaoru’s apprentice
  • Takani Megumi as a trauma specialist at Tokyo Medical
  • Kamiya Kaoru as a Tokyo U. student by day, dojo instructor by night
  • Saitou Hajime as a hardass police officer (what else?)

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don’t you want to know how this ends?

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CSers a week ago: omg the jolly roger wil be such an amazing episode with a lot of cute Captain Swan moments, yay, can't wait, we're all going to be so happy.
CSers now: what did i do to deserve this
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captain swan + now kiss profiles